One of my hobbies is astronomy and I am an amature astronomer. By no mean am I an expert or guru in the hobby, I just like to stargaze and look at deep space objects.

My equipment includes -

  • 7x50 binos
  • 60mm refractor
  • 6" newtonian reflector
  • 10" robotic schmidt cassegrain reflector
  • Several 1.25" eyepieces
  • Some customization for the SCT thanks to MAPUG
  • Custom made power box that supplies 12VDC and 120VAC

As an amature astronomer I get asked about astronomy and the conversation often focues on the equipment and I am asked all kinds of questions about it.  A lot of times people have asked if they could look through the eyepiece and I am more than happy to let them enjoy the heavens above.

This prompted me to write and publish a book on getting started into astronomy and it is apty called "Getting Started Into Astronomy" and is available on eBay for $15.95+ S&H.

The book covers-

  • Types of observing
  • Types of telescopes
  • How to figure limiting magnitude, light gathering power, magnification and more
  • Eyepieces
  • Light Pollution
  • The celestial sphere and coordinates
  • Star catalogs
  • And more

The book is written with the beginner in mind to help them make the right decisons in getting started and not to make an expensive mistake that in the long run turns them off from the hobby. Way too often people will buy a telescope with it winding up as a fixture in a closet and not being used. This book will guide the beginner into not making that mistake.