What People Are Saying...

Leo Ullman - Former CEO of Cedar Shopping Centers, LLC

"While at Cedar, Bill established the IT Department, saving literally several million dollars by bringing the IT function in-house through effective vendor-sourcing.  He was available at all times, outside normal office hours, to handle all sorts of crises, whether power spikes, power outages, nasty viruses, even hurricanes. " 


Fred Vianey - CAD Technician For Cedar Realty Trust, Inc.

"Bill's knowledge of hardware to run AutoCAD allowed him to build me some 'High Horse Power' machines. He was always helpful whenever I had an issue with my computer, and fixed the problem immediately. He also built me a tutorial, for Photoshop, which I used extensively while building marketing brochures.

If I were to have a personal IT guy, I wouldn't hesitate to call Bill. "


Sherry Henderson - Staff Accountant

"I worked with William at Cedar Realty Trust Inc. for six years. William's dedication to his job was unmatched. He was always on call 24/7 and answered everyones cry for help. No matter their location, on-site, at home or one of the many outer offices. His knowledge and experience kept the office server, computers, telephone etc. up and running. William's upbeat attitude and personality was an added plus. I recommend William for any upper level Technology position."


Bruce S. Nobile - CSM Senior Property Manager - Brixmor Property Group

"Bill is a consummate professional in ascertaining challenges and resolving in a timely manner. In the years I've know Bill, he has assisted and resolved IT issues with ease. He's personable. Has a 'can-do' attitude and would be an asset to an organization requiring his expertise."


Alan Borck - BluePRINT Technologies

"I have always found Bill to be forward thinking regarding technology and its application to solve business needs. He doesn't look for the cookie cutter solution approach, but looks at what will be best for his company long term. Bill is hard working and honest. Bill has always impressed me with his commitment to his company. His dedication to getting the job done and delivering results is only surpassed by his loyalty to his business partners and company."


Oscar Arean Otero - Technical Operations Manager at Databarracks

"I have had the pleasure of knowing William for the last six years. We have worked together on projects such as Disaster recovery and Business Continuity which where critical to ensure the safeguarding/protection of the businesses critical needs. William is a dedicated and intelligent individual with a wealth of knowledge. He has always proven to be a take-charge person who is able to successfully develop, implement and manage IT solutions. He has the ability to handle difficulty situations with ease and is an asset to any organization. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for William without reservation."


Frank Ullman - Owner at FCU Holdings, LLC

"Bill was Cedar's 1st Chief Technology Officer. He was responsible for Cedar's computer operations during a period of tremendous growth when the company grew exponentially in both the number of shopping centers owned and in the number employees. He effectively created and operated the multi-site networks. Bill has also assisted me, personally. Bill is incredibly knowledgeable about computers, programs and networks. I have very much valued, and continue to value, our multi-faceted relationships."


Michael Winters - Chief Investment Officer, Cedar Realty Trust

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bill for several years and believe Bill's work is of the highest quality, Bill routinely goes the extra mile to get things done. He is willing to roll up his sleeves and get involved in the process in order to resolve issues. In addition to having great IT skills he also possesses a great business sense. Bill is very effective in his ability to move a project from inception to execution. I would recommend Bill to any firm looking for a seasoned IT executive."


Kristina Likitsakos - Assistant Business Support Manager - Global Funding Desk

"I have worked with William Lewis at Cedar Shopping Centers Inc., for the last two years. Within the last two years William has proved to be a remarkable team player, helping me out on various projects and explaining new programs such as Photo Shop. His work at Cedar reflects consistent quality and efficiency. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable regarding matters of IT, but he is also very dedicated to the company. After working with William I believe that he is a vital asset to the function of the company and believe that he brings great enthusiasm, motivation, and energy to the work place."


Colette Wintersteen - Marketing Specialist

"It is with great privilege that I write to you in recommendation of William Lewis. I have found him to be a pleasant, generous person who is never afraid to take on a challenging task. William is an independent, self directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even the most demanding challenges. William is incredibly intelligent and is an amazing leader. He is an honest, caring individual who will make an extremely valuable asset to any organization and is a pleasure to work with. "


Shaun Megonnell - General Engineer of Master Planning at Defense Logistics Agency

"Bill is a dynamic executive IT professional. His expertise in managing an enterprise network is the best that I have experienced. Bill is proactive in his management style, practices strategic thinking in analyzing company objectives and remains vigilant in staying up to date on emerging technologies.

Bill has great communication skills in both voicing his goals and listening to feedback in resolving end user needs. He manages remote troubleshooting with understanding and patience while exercising a complete control of the enterprise network whether dealing with individual end users or technical consultants.

Bill's interests are not one-dimensional and he is constantly looking for new ways to improve his skill set. My working relationship with Bill makes it easy for me to recommend him as the consummate executive IT professional that would be an asset to any company and management team."


David Lank - Leasing Agent, Cedar Realty Trust

"Thank you again not only for all of your support and expertise in facilitating the training for the last few days, but for all you do in keeping this company technologically afloat; we'd all be truly lost without you."


Marie Marette - Corporate Accountant, Cedar Realty Trust

"You are a life saver."


Ann Maneri - Controller, Cedar Realty Trust

"You're the best!"


Gina Damato - Secretary to the Chief Counsol, Cedar Shopping Centers

"You're the Best! Thank you for your help."


Ron Becker - AVP & Regional Director of Property Management, Cedar Realty Trust

"Yeah BILL!!! Nice Job. Thank you."


Katherine Kushay - Executive Assistant to the CEO, Cedar Realty Trust

"Did I ever tell you what a gem you are?"


Susan Adams - Property Manager, Cedar Shopping Centers

"You are very good at what you do and should be recognized more for it. You definitely keep us connected."


Cindy Lauer - Administrative Assistant, Cedar Shopping Centers

"I know you work hard!"


Lorraine Craven - Manager, Shore Mall, Cedar Shopping Centers

"You are marvelous!"


Thomas Richey - President of Construction, Cedar Shopping Centers on my promotion to CTO

"Way to go Bill you certainly deserve it."


Judi Collepardi - Leasing Department Receptionist, Cedar Shopping Centers

"You are the very best!!!"


Joseph Macri - Leasing Attorney, Cedar Shopping Centers

"You are the best. Thank you."


Vikki Giambrone - Executive Secretary, Cedar Shopping Centers

"We are pleased to announce the Bill Lewis will assume the title of Chief Technology Officer, effective immediately. In this capacity, he will, of course, continue to be in charge of the Company's Management Information systems as well as substantially all other aspects of the technology of our business.

Bill's contributions to the company are manifold and manifest to date and we look forward to the continued enhancement of our technology side as we continue to grow as a company."


Sherri Kaplan - Property Accountant, Cedar Shopping Centers

"You're now a CTO! To be honest, when I saw the email with your name in the subject line from Leo, my heart sank. I thought he was going to say something about you leaving :( I am glad it is just the opposite!"


Teresa Adler - Property Accountant, Cedar Shopping Centers

"Woo Hoo! You Rock."


Maria Tylutki - Property Accountant, Cedar Shopping Centers

"Congratulations on your promotion!!!!"


Thomas Porsch - Director of Development, Cedar Shopping Centers

"I'm glad someone understands all the technology stuff, as I am afflicted with T.I. - technological impairment!"


Barry Turlis - Assistant Operations Manager, Cedar Shopping Centers

"Great Job Chief!!!!"


Thomasa Simmons - Accounts Receivable Clerk, Cedar Shopping Centers

"So this why everyone says you're wonderful. Thanks!"


Lawrence Kreider - Chief Financial Officer, Cedar Shopping Centers

"Bill Lewis, VP of Information Technology"


Fr. Gerald Twomey - Diocese of Rockville Center

"You are an IT Whiz, a wonk and genius!"


Bridget DeSalle - Administrative Assistant of Leasing, Cedar Shopping Centers

"I want to thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it."


Holly Zino - Property Accountant, Cedar Realty Trust

"I'm amazed that during the upgrade, the internet was down for less than 20 minutes during the work day. At other companies I've worked for similar upgrades seem to have taken hours and in some cases days. This upgrade seems to have been implemented smoothly and efficiently. Great job."


Nancy Mozzachio - Vice President of Leasing, Cedar Shopping Centers

"You're the best."


Robert Mastandrea - Construction Foreman, Cedar Shopping Centers

"You da man!"


Patty Hansel - Manager, Cedar Shopping Centers

"Bill has remotely supported my location for the past 6 years. The end users at our location are not technically savvy and he has demonstrated enormous patience and understanding to resolve our needs and troubleshoot PC issues. At this remote office alone we have gone from six standalone PC's to 18 desktops, multiple peripherals all joined to an enterprise network which appears seamless to the end users. Our company has grown significantly over the past 6 years and Bill has steadfastly managed to keep up with the employee growth within the corporate office as well as across 5 remote locations. The end-user has always been be primary focus and he always does whatever it takes to get the job done. He has been a valuable asset to our office."


Dominc D'Alonzo - Owner Reliable Landscaping

"I own a 36' Silverton with twin Crusader 350's. I have Bill Lewis regularly work on it. He has done so ever since I purchased the boat. His work is above par in all ways. He maintains the boat in top shape. I never have had any problems with him or his work."


David Johnson - 48' Viking Convertible "My Way"

"Bill Lewis is one of the best that I ever had the opportuntiy to meet. He took great care of my boat and made sure that everything was in tip top shape. I always had trouble with his predecessors in getting things done right. I never had an issue with Bill or his service. He is a true credit to your marina."


Doug Moore - 38' Holiday Mansion

"William Lewis is possibly the best mechanic that ever worked on my boat. I never found fault in his work and he left the boat in immacualte conditon when finished."


Robert Williams -

"I suspect you already know what a positive customer service asset Bill Lewis is - He is truly "Top Shelf."


Franklin Lewis -

"William Lewis is the type of person that's an asset to your company."


Robert Satory - Manager, Seawhanaka Corinthian Yacht Club

"Bill demonstrates competency in the skills and knowledge required. He learns and applies new skills within the expected time period. He is knowledgeable about current developments in his field and he works within the normal scope of supervision. He displays a good understanding of how his job relates to other jobs.

Bill is skilled at gathering and analyzing information from multiple sources. He addresses problem solving situations by analyzing options and developing several alternative solutions. In group situations, he contributes actively to help solve problems.

Bill responds promptly to requests for service and assistance. He has little difficulty following instructions and responding to management directions. Bill puts forth extra effort when asked and he generally keeps his commitments without delay or follow up.

Bill always ensures that the appropriate people are included in the decision-making process. He confidently makes decisions in all areas of his job. His decisions are on target and reflect his reliable, sound judgment skills. He can clearly explain the reasoning and provide good support for his decisions. He presents information and ideas clearly and persuasively. His writing is clear, informative, and effective. Bill presents data in well-designed, informative reports."


Fran Russo - General Manager, Marina Del Mar

"During the time Bill has been with our company, he has increased service sales dramatically. During that course, he has built up a good reputation with our customers.

Bill is always ready to lend assistance to the technicians with their diagnostics. He has also been able to motivate them to new standards of efficiency. This is apparent by the increase in service sales."


Norman Geller - CPA, Geller,Marzano & Company CPA's, PC.

"I first met him at a United States Power Squadron meeting a few years ago. He was, and still is, a quiet and somewhat shy individual. His novel ideas on education intrigued me and I wanted to sit in on one of his courses.

My wife and I took the Cruise Planning course. For many years, our squadron did not give any advanced courses at all and this was the first. He found the classroom and gave the course. In all the prior courses that I have taken, there had been little interaction within the group as far as the course was concerned. Here, Bill led the group into many discussions. He allowed the group to teach itself while keeping it on track. One incident comes to mind. My wife, Julie and I have done a tremendous amount of cruising in both power and sail. Needless to say, Julie has come up with methods of provisioning for our trips. I approached Bill with the idea of letting Julie run the section on provisioning. Without hesitation, he allowed her to write her own lesson plan, run that portion of the course and demonstrate a particular portable stove which we have enjoyed using over the years. The questions and comments of the other students kept the session alive. Even the experienced cruisers gained much.

A friend of mine needed a few electives for his full certificate. He approached Bill who went out of his way to help. Bill not only scheduled classes that accommodated both my friend and the squadron, but went one step further. He personally taught him Cruise Planning, Marine Electronics, and part of Instructor Qualification. Now, for the first time in nine years, Little Neck Bay has a Full certificate thanks to the efforts of William Lewis.

One thing always impressed me about Bill -his grasp on the mechanics of the courses he taught. His specialty in life is yacht repairs. He brings that knowledge to the Squadron with the teaching aids that he develops and builds himself. One aid that comes to mind is a cut away of an outboard motor. Bill made this aid with only a hacksaw and a file. It shows all of the internal working components of an outboard motor. Truly it is a work of art.

He taught the Marine Electronics course recently for us. He was explaining Ohm's Law to us and a few of the students, including myself, had a hard time grasping it. Within a few seconds, he took a blank piece of paper and produced a teaching aid that explained Ohm's Law perfectly. Needless to say, his ingenuity never stops.

Look at his success rate as a teacher. For the courses he has taught (Seamanship, Piloting, Marine Electronics, Engine Maintenance, Cruise Planning, and part of Instructor Qualification) everyone who sat for the tests passed. That is a 100% grade!

Bill currently holds the grade of AP. He has only attended a few courses (Seamanship, Instructor Qualification and Operations Training). His drive is evidenced by the fact that he studied and passed all his other courses on his own without attending class. That includes AP! He now is taking JN on his own.

He has taken his ideas of self-education and incorporated it into our squadron's educational system. He is pursuing a program of review courses to update our members on new methods and technology. He believes that every member should keep abreast of these changes. As an example, three members with full certificates are now studying the NASR method of sight reduction.

Bill gives up his own free time to help others with their studies. In fact, one person, who just finished the Piloting course, had some trouble with the material during the course. This person called Bill at all hours with questions. Without hesitation Bill would answer the questions even though the hour might be late. He is particularly helpful to the students in the basic boating course and is able to give extra help to them without interfering with the rest of the class.

I could go on for pages, but I'll end it here. Lt/C William Lewis AP is a credit to the uniform and insignia he wears."


Angie D'Alonzo, AP - Commander Little Neck Bay Power Squadron, Port Washington

"I wish to offer testimonial to Lt. William Lewis, AP has been an asset to our squadron, and to the United States Power Squadrons.

Lt. Lewis, AP in one short year brought high honors to himself and to the squadron as a whole. He not only chairs the Co-Op charting committee, but also serves within our educational department as an instructor and developer of teaching aids.

Of the awards he has brought forth are:

  • National Recognition for the Development of Teaching Aids - United States Power Squadrons
  • Honor Roll for Co-Op Charting - 2 Awards, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • 1st Place, Engine Maint. Teaching Aid - District 3, USPS
  • 3rd Place, Basic Boating Teaching Aid - District 3, USPS
  • 3rd Place, Seamanship Teaching Aid - District 3, USPS
  • Special Award For Outstanding and Meritorious Service - Little Neck Bay Power Squadron, USPS

It should be noted at this time that Lt. William Lewis, AP is currently opening a new era for our educational department. He truly is a leader. "


E. Graham - Port Washington

"Mr. William Lewis was at Shore Road and Columbia Place when my brakes failed. My car rolled down the hill out of control and Mr. Lewis thought I was in trouble - a heart attack or something. Without regard for his personal safety, Mr. Lewis came to my aid by blocking my car with his own vehicle. His speedy thinking and action prevented me from possible serious injury.

I wish to commend him and to thank him for brave and unselfish concern for a citizen in trouble. He is a kind and feeling human being."


Capt. Joe Tarzinski - 50' Chris Craft M/Y "Seeker"

"Bill has to be the finest mechanic that ever worked on this vessel.  He keeps the engines and systems running in tip top shape at all times and never pushes anything unnecessary.  He is extremely knowledgeable and is always ready to lend a hand. It is always pleasure to have him come aboard."


Billy Hyde - Mechanic, Flagship Yachts

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bill Lewis for several years. I have never worked with a finer person at any time.  His work is impeccable and meticulous from start to finish.  He brought in new methods and procedures that not only saved time but money as well.   He is a true credit to the company and I'd set to sea with him anytime."


Tom Z. - Mechanic, Marineland, Long Beach

Finally we are getting jobs completed under Bill's leadership and direction.


Peter Johnson - Owner 22' Aquasport at Marineland, Long Beach

My boat would have been lost if it wasn't for the quick thinking and action of Bill Lewis. He is a credit to your marina.


Mason Draffen - Retired, Florida

It is no secret that hurricane Irma left a trail of destruction where it hit in Florida. My house sustained a good amount of damage but did survive the storm. The damage was not only to the exterior of the building but to a few interior rooms when debris broke through the windows. One of those rooms was my home office where my computer was destroyed and several files became soaked with water. It was devastating to say the least.

Over a year prior William Lewis came up with a disaster recovery plan for me that I was able to utilize and thanks to his planning I am able to recover my critical documents like insurance information, home inventory, deed to the property, bank and credit card information, contractors and vendors, and much more which is allowing me to recover quickly. And though my computer was destroyed I did not lose one byte of data. And while others were without telecommunications, Bill's idea of a Sat-Phone has allowed me to stay in contact with my family and others making recovery easier and faster.

If any company fails to hire this fine gentlemen, then they are foolish. He can be a major asset to anyone.

Even More of What People Are Saying...

"Bill will always go the extra mile to solve our technology issues. He lets us know ahead of time when changes are coming. He works with all of us at our varying levels of knowledge without sounding superior or making us feel less than adequate. He quickly assesses our needs and come up with a fix or work around. Bill understands our system and acknowledges when outside help is needed and does not hesitate to call them in if it cannot be resolved remotely. Bill does not hesitate to work on his off time. We have not had any significant downtime that was within his control. Our servers and PCs are maintained with care."


"In my opinion, Bill has one of the most daunting positions in the company. Building, maintaining and updating the technological infrastructure of a 100+ employee public company and doing it well is incredibly impressive, and Bill does it well. In his instruction of the operation of equipment, communications, timeliness and support, Bill is dependable and efficient. With the integration new capabilities in a world of ever-obsoletion, Bill seems to be able to effectively introduce and support new technological advances to increase the speed and productivity of doing business."


"Bill is the most adept MIS Manager I know of. The dedication given to maintaining our network is unparalleled. A very trustworthy individual that only has the best interests of the company when making decisions. He's always available assisting and teaching.(Teamwork). Able to communicate with executive staff as well as lay people. Thank goodness he works for Cedar."


"Strong communication skills, the ability to solve problems efficiently, team player, good planner Solidly devoted to the Company. Assures critical resources always up and running. Very responsive to requests for help. Goes out of his way to help others. Major asset to the Company."


"Bill is very reliable in his attendance and consistently shows up on time. Bill is great at setting a vision and managing his resources to meet it. Bill is very proactive at getting in front of problems and stopping them before they escalate. He always comes in under budget year after year. Bill's willingness to work late hours to get the job done has not gone unnoticed."

If your company can use a person with this type of reputation then you should contact me and lets talk.